O Music Awards: Rebecca Black Raps, Has Advice For Anyone Uploading Stuff To The Internet

OK, you guys, I've met my share of Buzzworthy celebrities in my four years at MTV. Jared Leto. Lady Gaga. Justin Bieber. Courtney Love. Avril, for God's sake! All four members of Tokio Hotel. But never in my life had I ever met nor did I think I was going to meet REBECCA BLACK! It was as mythical and as mystical as meeting a centaur. A centaur with a unicorn riding on its back. All that was going through my head the entire time was "OHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODOHMYGODICANTBELIEVEIMONACOUCHWITHREBECCABLACK." But I WAS. Obviously if you stay in school, go to college, get half-way decent grades (except for in math), and act pretty decently to people, you too could find yourself interviewing a significant piece of internet zeitgeist. No, not Steve Jobs. Rebecca Black... who, by the way, is an incredibly mature 13-year-old (I'm more than twice her age and she's surely more mature than I am) who seems truly grounded (we both bonded about having protective moms) and has a great sense of humor. And she's not afraid to rap.

So what did Rebecca Black, who hosted the fan party at the O Music Awards and presented the Fan Army FTW Award, and I talk about? Well, first of all, in the spirit of Chiddy Bang breaking the world record for longest freestyle rap, I wanted to see if Rebecca Black would drop a freestyle verse or two of her own. And she did! And it wasn't bad. Maybe if there's a "Friday" remix, Rebecca Black will do the rap interlude instead of that dude who smiles too much.

I also asked her if she had any advice for people uploading videos to YouTube. Her response? "What you put online is gonna be there forever," alluding to the unforeseen viral smash that her "Friday" video became.

And lest you think she's immune to fact that "Friday" is perhaps the most powerful earworm ever written, well, she's quite cognizant of that. "It's so catchy," she said. "It gets stuck in your head." Oh, indeed it does, Rebecca Black. Indeed it does.

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