O Music Awards: Matt & Kim Talk Swearing, R. Kelly, And Make Kim's Booty Clap

Just minutes after performing live at the O Music Awards, presenting awards and melting downtown Vegas' face off, Matt And Kim took a minute and took a seat on the couch with me backstage after the show.

Now, Matt And Kim are known for being two of the nicest artists in the business, but they're also pretty unpredictable. Case in point: Halfway through the interview, Kim got up, harnessed the potential energy and power of T.I. and effing dropped her booty and proceeded to make it bounce and clap. Sadly, Matt And Kim didn't perform an a cappella rendition of R. Kelly's "Ignition" remix, despite my pleadings. They did, however, blow my mind when Kim revealed her rule for what does and doesn't count as a swearword: If it's something you can physically do, it doesn't count as a swearword. BRILLIANT! Swear away, children!

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