Justin Bieber And Chris Brown Together On Stage Cause Serious Eardrum Damage

Credit: Getty/WireImage

We already knew Justin Bieber could sing. We knew he could dance. Hell, the dude has his own swagger coach! But when he introduced us to his rap alter ego "Shawty Mane," we kinda thought he was kidding. But turns out he wasn't.

The heartthrob spit some rhymes while on stage with Chris Brown in Sydney, Australia, and it kind of blew our minds. Busta Rhymes did it first on Brown's track, "Look At Me Now," and then Karmin made it an online sensation because duhhhh. But Biebs seriously goes a-mile-a-minute, giving both Busta and the Micro Machines guy (remember him?) a run for their money.

Naturally, the crowd of mostly girls went absolutely berserk, and not just because Justin brought his usual unrelenting energy to the stage, but because Chris Brown was right next to him. Seriously ladies, turn it down a notch. We weren't even there, and our ears are still ringing.

+ Watch Justin Bieber and Chris Brown cover "Look At Me Now" here.