O Music Awards: Kanye West And A Water Bottle Win Best Tweet

It was the Tweet heard 'round the world. No, not "I'm sorry Taylor." It was Kanye West's revelation, his incredulity expressed upon waking up on a flight and realizing his water bottle was still in front of him and that -- GREAT! -- that water bottle had then become his responsibility.

There isn't a man, woman, or child amongst us who hasn't experienced that same existential in-flight dread as Kanye. That silent rage directed at a flight attendant for not assuming his or her rightful ownership of that water bottle -- that water bottle should be considered a loan to you, a fleeting possession to be held only casually in your ownership until you've consumed its contents. It's an unspoken rule that that water bottle is the airline's responsibility the minute you nod off and should be silently swept away while you take a sky nap. And Kanye realized that, and he gave that universal human problem a name and a face. With one tweet, he became the poster boy for in-air water bottle management. Thank you, Kanye. Thank you.

Little did Kanye know that the water bottle tweet heard 'round the world would win him one of his important awards of his career. No, not another Grammy. Not his first Oscar or CFDA award. An MTV O Music Award.

Watch MTV TJ Gabi Gregg award Kanye West with the Best Tweet Award that's so rightfully his. Unfortunately that award is not a solid gold water bottle (though there's still time!) And watch the O Music Awards live at OMusicAwards.com on Thursday, April 28, at 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT. And stay tuned for live updates and behind-the-scenes access on Buzzworthy, on Twitter at @MTVBuzzworthy, and at Omusicawards.tumblr.com.