Beyonce Is The Hottest Aerobics Instructor EVER In 'Move Your Body' Video

Credit: FilmMagic

Beyoncé has teamed up with first lady Michelle Obama on her "Let's Move!" initiative to help fight the rising numbers of childhood obesity in America. She rerecorded her song "Get Me Bodied" from her 2006 album B'Day for the campaign, transforming it into the kid-friendlier "Move Your Body." And now there's a video!

The "Move Your Body" video is basically a four-minute long flash mob, and we're definitely not mad about that. (Everyone loves flash mobs!) The video begins during lunch hour at what looks like a junior high cafeteria. Everything is status quo until Beyoncé (in short shorts and green knee-high socks) busts through the doors. Suddenly all the kids are on their feet, following along as Bey leads the group through all kinds of dances, getting their hearts pumping (in more ways than one).

I think it's safe to assume that if your Jazzercise instructor looked more like Beyoncé than your Aunt Dolores, we'd probably be the healthiest country in the world. For more information on the "Let's Move!" campaign, check out

+ Watch Beyoncé's dance-along video for "Move Your Body" here!