O Music Awards: Aquarium Drunkard Wins Best Independent Music Blog

The MTV O Music Awards sought out some of the best, most unique independent music blogs around today in a category aptly named Best Independent Music Blog, which included blogs that cover everything from hip-hop to dance music to food-inspired indie rock. Each blog's loyal readership liked, tweeted and rallied behind their favorite indie blog. The fans voted; we merely counted. And without further ado, we present the MTV O Music Award winner for Best Independent Music Blog: Aquarium Drunkard.

Founded in 2005 by Justin Gage, Aquarium Drunkard is a Los Angeles-based music blog that features an eclectic mix of music that bridges the gap between contemporary indie with vintage garage, psych, folk, country, funk, R&B, soul and everything that falls in between.

Since Aquarium Drunkard's inception, the site has grown into a hosted concert series and a record label, Autumn Tone Records as well as a two-hour block of satellite radio on Sirius/XM's XMU station.

Just as Aquarium Drunkard loves music, musicians themselves have reciprocated. Check out what John Gourley from Portugal. The Man and Will Johnson from Centro-matic had to say about Aquarium Drunkard:

"Aquarium Drunkard is more than just a music blog... I am not just saying that Aquarium Drunkard extends beyond the subject of music, but that it is an honest opinion of current music as well as a valuable lesson in music history. Honest being key. AD is not a hype-driven blog; it is not something made solely for buzz bands but for the progressive and the true music fan. I met Justin about two years ago, and though our talks are not the most frequent, they always stand out. Always memorable. He is -- I hope this is not offensive -- one of the biggest music nerds I know. Great taste, great understanding of music, valuable opinion and the person you would want to DJ your rock/soul/punk/surf etc. night. The best. What a nerd..." -- John Gourley, Portugal The Man

"Aquarium Drunkard is a much needed, multidimensional, undying conduit of information for this music fan. A flagship of independent culture to be relied upon." -- Will Johnson, Centro-matic

Congrats to Justin Gage and the contributors behind the blog! Be sure to read Aquarium Drunkard if you don't already, and watch the O Music Awards live at OMusicAwards.com on Thursday, April 28, at 11 p.m. ET/8 p.m. PT.