10 Things To Know Now: Nicki Minaj's Unappreciated Lap Dance, Worst Pop Star Outfits + Hot Hipster Dads!

Credit: FilmMagic, Getty Images, AFP, WireImage

1.) You may think you've seen every side of Lady Gaga, what with her fondness for wearing underwear as outerwear. But in a new three-minute-plus teaser from HBO's upcoming special "Lady Gaga Presents the Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden," we get a glimpse of a teary-eyed, vulnerable pop star. (HBO)

2.) My favorite Tumblr of the week, Cute Boys With Cats, knows EXACTLY what women want: pictures of cute boys with cats. (Tumblr)

3.) Big ups to the Robyn superfan who translated the pixie pop star's hour-long Swedish documentary, in which she talks about being bullied and breaking out of her label's predetermined image for her. Click through to watch the whole thing. (ONTD)

4.) As if Ellen DeGeneres didn't already have it all -- a talk show, a gorgeous wife, a frickin' beauty campaign! -- "Glee" hunk Darren Criss has made her an honorary Warbler, red-on-navy blazer included. (EW)

5.) Nicki Minaj has made giving lap dances to NBA stars a recurring feature in her live performances as of late, and that made Phoenix Suns point guard Steve Nash REALLY confused, excited, back to confused and then visibly uncomfortable. (Deadspin)

6.) The logical sequel to Double Dream Hands is, of course, Double Dream Feet. It's out -- you can watch it -- but I'm not entirely convinced this guy isn't just making it up as he goes along. (BuzzFeed)

7.) Oof. If anything can be learned from this eyeball-melting gallery of The Best Of The Worst Pop Group Outfits Of All Time, it's that sequins, lamé, pleather and other shiny, synthetic fabrics should be avoided at ALL COSTS. Yes, I'm looking at you, Destiny's Child. (Idolator)

8.) Don't be mad, but your dad, back in the day, was kind of hot. Also, he was a hipster. (Dads: The Original Hipsters via Urlesque)

9.) Serena Williams, not satisfied to just be a powerhouse tennis player, fashion designer and model, is now in the studio becoming a rapper. We bet her first single will be ACES -- sorry. (PopEater)

10.) Soooo much to love about this Britain's Got Talent's contestant (aka the next Susan Boyle), who's throwing some uh, SERIOUS STANK on everyone's favorite childhood nursery rhymes. Also to note: his necktie. (Jezebel)