New Video: Kate Bush, 'Deeper Understanding'

Credit: Getty Images

It's been a long damn time (six years, actually) since we've heard much from Kate Bush, the doyenne of artful prog-pop who influenced nearly every artist in our iPod -- Florence Welch and Bjork, Bat For Lashes and Big Boi, Kele Okereke of Bloc Party. But her new album, Director's Cut, will finally be released next month and will feature revisited work from her previous albums. The first single is "Deeper Understanding," featuring the remarkable video below.

Kate Bush -- much like Stevie Nicks -- was one of the first female musicians to inhabit a sort of celestial, empyrean sound that matched her interplanetary sound with her gypsy-on-the-run look. Decades before Lady Gaga was raising her paws, out and proud about her overt peculiarity, Kate Bush was doing the beautiful weirdo of the moment. We can safely say there would be no Gaga without Kate Bush. If you haven't paid this woman a musical debt of gratitude, start now.

With "Deeper Understanding," Kate delves into a chilling technological abyss in which she sings about "turning to her computer, spending [her] evenings with it like a friend." In both the song and the video, which Kate Bush herself directed, it appears that she's pointing her finger at the way in which technology shapes not only our lives but music too. Kate seems hungry to find out whether technology is hurting us or helping us. Now that every music fan knows what Auto-Tune is -- and how prevalent it has become in pop music -- she ironically employs Auto-Tune herself in a way that chills instead of inspiring partying or taking more shots.

Look for cameos from British comic Noel Fielding, and while there's debate about whether or not that's Kate Bush herself around 3:45, we think that's actually actress Frances Barber. The main character is played by Robbie Coltrane -- Hagrid from Harry Potter -- and Kate Bush's son appears as the computer program itself. It's a lot to process but well worth repeated views.

+ Watch Kate Bush's "Deeper Understanding" video.