Superchunk's 'Crossing Wires' Video Features A Cat Cam, Speaks Directly To Our Interests

Haven't you ever wondered what your cat does all day when you're not home? Or what you look like from his perspective? Just me? OK, fine. #forevercatlady

No seriously, there's no way I'm the only one that's ever wondered what a cat's view of the world is because cat cams exist. Yep, cat cams: automatic cameras that your feline friends can wear around their necks to document what's going on around them.

Seminal '90s indie rockers Superchunk have realized what UTTER GENIUS this is and made the best music video ever incorporated a cat cam into their newest video, "Crossed Wires," off their Majesty Shredding album. Only this cat really gets around -- bars, strip clubs, puking, etc. And he's not even the tiniest bit guilty when he gets home. That Superchunk would create a cat-themed video is both excellent AND unsurprising considering they put out an album entitled No Pocky for Kitty.

We do have to say that we couldn't mention the "Crossed Wires" video without mentioning the O.G. cat of cat cams: Cooper, aka "Photographer Cat," an orange American Shorthair who travels around with a camera strapped to his neck that takes a photo every two minutes. His pictures are so popular that he even has his own book. Photographer Cat, 1; your photojournalism degree: 0.

+ Watch Superchunk's "Crossed Wires" kitty masterpiece video. And, naturally, watch its predecessor, Holy F***'s "Red Lights" video, which is up for an O Music Award for Best Animal Performance! And because it's Flashback Friday, watch Superchunk's 1997 "Watery Hands" video, featuring David Cross and Janeane Garofalo.