This Week In Celebrity Tweets: Katy Perry Hearts Robyn, Adam Levine Doesn't Heart Rebecca Black

Credit: Getty Images

Sure, Disney World might be the happiest place on Earth (ask Ke$ha), but the Twitterverse is a pretty cool place, too. Let's recap what our fave celebs were up to this week.

Katy Perry shared her love for the inimitable Robyn after watching her set at Coachella last weekend, and Taylor Swift shared her love for her followers once she hit the 6 million mark on Twitter (holy crap!). Justin Bieber tweeted some sage, and Rihanna reveled in the joys and weirdness that is Hollywood.

Also this week, Christina Aguilera glammed it up with some "lovely queens" (not the British type), and Britney Spears thanked our soldiers and tweeted a video of some U.S. Marines performing their own routine to "Hold It Against Me." Do work, guys.

And Adam Levine just found out who Rebecca Black is (#tardytotheparty), and he's not exactly signing up for her fan club: "Just heard the Internet phenom "Friday." Apparently I've been hiding under a rock. ."

Check out all of this week's celebrity tweets below, and follow us at @MTVBuzzworthy for LOLZ. For real. We're funny.

+ KATY PERRY // @katyperry -- ROBYN IS THE ILLEST.

+ TAYLOR SWIFT // @taylorswift13 -- Woah! Wait! Over 6,000,000 followers now?? Cool!!! PS I shot a new video today and I'm more excited than I can convey in 140 characters!

+ LADY GAGA // @ladygaga -- - Born To Dance. What a night in Atlanta. Born to Survive.

+ MILEY CYRUS // @mileycyrus -- Oh my god! No better way to wake up then being told i sold sold 70,000 seats in one day in Australia!!!! Y'all rock! I can't wait for tour!

+ JUSTIN BIEBER // @justinbieber -- if you have a dream you have to at least try to live it.

+ RIHANNA // @rihanna -- Just saw Darth Vader crossing the street....only in Hollywood!!!!

+ CHRISTINA AGUILERA // @TheRealXTina -- Glammin' it up with my lovely queens last night at The Abbey!

+ BRITNEY SPEARS // @britneyspears -- I am in LOVE with this... I always knew our soldiers were fierce! Thanks for everything you guys do... -Britney

+ HAYLEY WILLIAMS // @yelyahwilliams -- Give me sleep or give me death!

+ ADAM LEVINE // @adamlevine -- Just heard the Internet phenom "Friday". Apparently I've been hiding under a rock.