Star Spotting: Nicole Scherzinger Whips Her Hair, May Be Morphing Into Willow Smith (!??)

Nicole Scherzinger was photographed filming her new music video for "Right There" off her upcoming album, Killer Love, in Los Angeles. And is it just the air in here, or does the former Pussycat Doll look eerily like an adult version of widdle Willow Smith? Nicole rocked some genie pants, leather boots, a whole lot of bracelets and an enormous, braided ponytail that was just begging to be whipped back and forth, à la Willow herself.

We're not saying that Nicole is taking cues from a 10-year-old, but we're not saying that would be a bad idea, either, considering that Willow is -- even at her young age -- already a style icon. And with Nicole finally ready to break out on her own (and why shouldn't she, considering she can sing and dance like a pro, and her time is way overdue?), modeling her wardrobe after someone already leading the pack would surely be a bold move in the right direction.

Needless to say, we were pretty happy to actually find pics of Nicole whipping her hair back and forth, this time in some sort of sexy Southwestern shaman getup that only makes us more excited to see the Pussycat Doll finally claw her way into back into the zeitgeist.

Credit: Splash News