Flashback Friday: *NSYNC, '(Thinking Of You) I Drive Myself Crazy'

Credit: Getty Images

It's Friday, it's the freakin' weekend, and it's also Flashback Friday, in which we revisit a forgotten video from the MTV video vault.

Sure, people like to call out the '80s as the decade so unapologetically garish they made the next decade look like a Vogue spread. But the '90s had some messed-up ish happening too. Mediatate on this: frosted tips, belly chains, ribbed sweaters, cargo pants and -- worst of all -- Pogs! Granted, there were no pogs in *NSYNC's 1999 music video for "(Thinking Of You) I Drive Myself Crazy," but there was, indeed, some very offensive '90s hair (and a cameo from Elisa Donovan of Clueless fame).

The whole "One Flew Over The Cuckoo Nest" theme -- a light interpretation of the song's title, to say the least -- is pretty funny. Padded cells, strait jackets and an insane asylum where the patients are all wearing enormous silk pajamas? It's very M.C. Hammer-sanitarium chic.

The video is pretty run-of-the-mill as far as music videos from the bubblegum pop explosion era go, but it's still unsettling to see things like Justin Timberlake with that weird haircut. He was by no means the only dude sporting damp, bleach-blond curls, but he was probably the most famous. And did Chris Kirkpatrick wear beaded dreads because that was how you showed you were "weird" 11 years ago? You just know A.J. McLean was rolling somewhere in Orlando, rolling his eyes the first time he got a glimpse of that.

Nevertheless, the boys did something right. Even Joey Fatone knew how to pout properly for all the clamoring girls who would have paid in blood to join the boys inside that enormous padded cell. And, eventually, they came out with "Gone," which was not only a mature step musically, but a peek into how Justin Timberlake would quickly become a sexy grown-up solo superstar devoid of all... wet curls.