Star Spotting: Ke$ha Goes To Disney World, Too

Credit: Splash News

First, Lady Gaga poses with the Evil Queen. Then, Beyoncé is spotted wearing a Goofy hat (with the floppy ears, buck teeth and the whole nine yards). And now we can include Ke$ha as the latest singer to show up to the Happiest Place on Earth, getting in some cuddle time with The White Rabbit from "Alice In Wonderland." She even dressed down for the occasion, trading in her signature facial glitter and tattered stockings everything for a black baby doll dress and hot pink kicks. She probably just didn't want to scare the kids -- there's already enough of that at the creepy Captain EO exhibit (R.I.P. M.J.).

What's up with all these famous singers visiting Disney? Is it possible that Mickey Mouse is trying to turn a corner by inviting some of the world's most colorful female performers to liven up the grounds a little bit? As much as we love to visit Disney, Epcot is essentially a peek into the future circa 1980 ("Buttons! Knobs! VIDEO TELEPHONES!"), and we doubt anyone is necessarily rushing to get their picture taken with Mulan. So it actually makes sense to bring in some new blood, especially when the blood is seasoned with chart-topping hits and a more loyal following than Donald Duck (although he tends to wear pants less often than Gaga, so go figure).