POSTED: New Boyz Storm Florida On Scooters

Last week, we brought you footage from MTV Posted duo New Boyz, who headed down to Australia and sacrificed the contents of their stomachs for a good show. (Literally, they barfed.) This week, New Boyz are stateside and, as you'll see in the below videos, they're rolling up on scooters and are also ready and able to explain the deep philosophical and metaphorical subtext of their hit song "Backseat" to a local radio station.

That giant La Vela billboard tells us this scooter video was taken in Panama City Beach, Florida, that club-friendly Spring Break city that's the perfect backdrop for New Boyz' party-centric brand of hip-hop. And no matter how famous you are, it's probably impossible to grow weary of seeing your face lit up on a giant video billboard while driving around on scooters and cursing.

In the second video, New Boyz hit up a radio station to discuss "Backseat," the second single from their upcoming second album, Too Cool to Care. "It's just an anthem for kicking it in the backseat," says Legacy, before revealing that the duo had to tone down the song and change the original title from "Do It In the Backseat." Thankfully, good taste prevailed. We can only assume "it" meant board games and license plate poker.

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