Star Spotting: Beyonce Wears A Generally Unflattering Goofy Hat And Still Pulls It Off

It's not fair when people are so attractive that they can make stupid clothes look really nice. For example, Beyonce went to Disneyland in Paris, and she was photographed wearing not just a goofy hat, but a Goofy hat. With the floppy ears and everything! The thing even has two buck teeth hanging from the rim. And somehow, while it would look perfectly reasonable on the head of somebody's slovenly stepdad in camouflaged cargo shorts, it looks -- dare we say? -- hot on Beyonce. She makes a Goofy hat hot.

Maybe it's that element of ironic detachment that gives it a sort of hipster flair, or maybe we're just being apologetic for no reason. Because, seriously, she looks gorgeous. Like, how does she do that? Is Beyonce an alien? Is that how she does it? Do you guys think she has alien blood running through her alien veins, and that's why she can make THE GOOFY HAT look like a must-have accessory? Are fashion magazines going to start shilling high-end visors now because Beyonce is a perfect alien?

Just a theory.

Credit: Getty Images