The Buzz On: Frankmusik

If you know anything about the artists on Cherry Tree Records, you probably have pretty progressive taste in music. With a roster of envelope-pushing acts such as Robyn, La Roux, and Die Antwoord (and Sting?), the label has some of the coolest, most innovative artists in the business. English musician Frankmusik fits right into that niche with his labelmates, most of whom write and perform cutting-edge electropop.

Formerly a beatboxer under the pseudonym Mr. Mouth, Vincent Frank already had a notable career in the music business before making a name for himself as Frankmusik. He's opened for Keane and Pet Shop Boys, and is also well-known for remixing tunes for high-profile performers such as Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga. If you've heard these remixes, you're well aware that dude's got talent.

And we might be biased here, but we're hoping it's finally time for Frankmusik to break into the American mainstream with his new single, "Do It In The AM," featuring labelmates Far East Movement. It's delicious prog-pop that features that heavy, underlying thump we keep hearing these days, and it also brings to mind two ladies we can't get enough of right now: Ke$ha and Lady Gaga -- a welcome comparison that can't hurt one's chances.

+ Check out more from Frankmusik on his website, and listen to Frankmusik's new single, "Do It In The AM" (featuring Far East Movement) here.