Star Spotting: Mandy Moore Is The Hottest Cat Lady We've Ever Seen

Credit: Getty Images

Mandy Moore is perfect. Here's why: She initially blossomed as a pop singer during the same time as Britney, Christina and Jessica Simpson. And while her music was good (the Wade Robson remix of "Candy" is an iPod staple), it never necessarily made a dent the way Britney and Christina did. So Mandy, in moving on from her moderately successful bubblegum pop career followed her own path, so to speak, eventually releasing an album called Coverage, in which she covered classic songs by singer/songwriters (i.e. Joni Mitchell, Carole King) and groups you would never expect to hear Mandy sing (i.e. XTC, Blondie), but she did because she's very smart and has excellent taste (and is also married to Ryan Adams, who is awesome). Also, if you meant to buy any album today, it should be her Amanda Leigh album. Simply gorgeous. She also revved up her acting career by carving out a niche as an equally talented actress, finding enormous success in movies like A Walk To Remember and -- most recently -- Tangled.

BUT Mandy Moore is also perfect because she loves kittens, evidenced by her appearance at the animal health care awareness program launch for the ASPCA in New York City on Wednesday. Literally, she can do anything she wants. It's almost unfair that one person should be so blessed with both looks and talent, but whateverrrr. Mandy has earned it (as would anyone who managed to crawl out of her teenybopper superstardom unscathed and better for it).

You just keep doing you, Mandy! Hold more kittens!