Russell Brand And Katy Perry Are The OTHER Royal Couple

Credit: Getty Images

In a few days, Prince William will be marrying Kate Middleton, and the world is really excited about that. Not just because they're royals, but because PEOPLE LOVE FANCY WEDDINGS! We get it: How often in our lifetime do we get to witness the nuptials of people who are actual royalty? Bows and curtsies and crowns and all.

Meanwhile, we like to think there's another royal couple across the pond, but only one-half is a native of England. British comic/actor Russell Brand and California "gurl" Katy Perry are basically a sort of bizarro version of William and Kate. In one sense, they're more secretive, considering we only heard about Russell and Katy's wedding, which took place in Northern India (it included a "Bollywood-themed bash"). Nary an image of their wedding was released to the world, save for the projection Katy revealed at the Grammys. Whereas... the entire world will be watching William and Kate tie the knot, so consider that a point for Katy and Russell in the privacy department.

Also, William and Kate are always dressed up casual-fancy because, you know, they probably wear crowns and tiaras and fascinators and khakis as a rule. Russell, however, tends to dress like a hyperactive extra from the set of "A Clockwork Orange" crossed with a yogi, and Katy's usually dressed like a vintage pinup or basically in any outfit that includes every single color of the rainbow.

Last night, however, Katy and Russell showed up in London at the premiere of Russell's newest movie, Arthur. He looked unusually tame in a super-stylish suit and skinny tie, as did Katy Perry, who wore an understated flesh-toned, sheer sheath. Russell and Katy can seamlessly "class it up" like the real royal couple whenever they want. That said, we still love Katy and Russell in lollipops, cupcakes and swearwords.