Star Spotting: Willow Smith Visits Hawaii, Whips Hair Back And Forth

Credit: Splash News

Willow Smith was spotted in Hawaii doing -- what else? -- whipping her hair back and forth. Will and Jada's pint-sized singer and rapper (and brother to "Karate Kid" Jaden) wore a wetsuit (a cute one, of course) on a beach in Oahu, where she kept her promise about how she treats her braided hair, while simultaneously remaining an adorable "21st Century Girl."

Willow could stand to take a break on the sandy white beaches since she just wrapped up a gig opening for old-timer Justin Bieber, who was probably able to show Willow a thing or two about the music biz, considering he's got almost eight years on her. That's an entire Paula Cole in Music Industry Years.

The tiniest Smith's got bigger fish to fry, of course, as she's headed to The White House (the real thing, not a club) to perform at the annual Easter Egg Roll. According to Celebuzz, Willow Smith was personally invited by President Obama and the First Lady (alongside Colbie Caillat and Greyson Chance). Our invite must've gotten lost in the mail.