New Song: David Cook, 'The Last Goodbye'

Credit: Getty Images

When he beat out the precious David Archuleta to win the seventh season of "American Idol," David Cook momentarily proved that the show isn't necessarily fueled exclusively by puppy-dog-cute pop singers (although Cook isn't necessarily hard on the eyes, either). Unlike some other Idols, David has fared quite well as a rock singer -- his last album went platinum, and he's toured steadily -- even coming out of the same show that begat Sanjaya.

Now David Cook's returned with a second major-label album, This Loud Morning, featuring a new song called "The Last Goodbye." It's an instantly catchy, guitar-driven lamentation on love lost, with a drop of ornamental electro elements thrown in for good measure. And oh those "woah oh ohs." For the most part, though, the up-tempo slice of Americana brings to mind Angels & Airwaves and fellow "Idol" Kelly Clarkson.

We're used to "David Cook: Rock Star" sounding a bit more brooding with slower songs that fall into the soft rock arena, so it's pretty cool to hear something a little more fast-paced from the guy. It's definitely a contender for being one of the biggest rock songs of the summer, perfect for riding around with the top down.

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+ Listen to David Cook's new song, "The Last Goodbye."