We The Kings Pay Homage To Rebecca Black In 'Friday Is Forever' Video

Wow, people really love Fridays. We The Kings' newest single, "Friday Is Forever," off of their yet untitled upcoming album, sings the praises of everyone's favorite day of the week. And the Florida pop-rockers got some inspiration from a fellow Friday lover for their video -- Rebecca Black.

It turns out We The Kings are among Rebecca Black's more than 111 million (!!!) YouTube fans, so they decided to record their own take on the famous "Friday" video. And what better song to do it for than their single "Friday Is Forever."

We The Kings' "Friday Is Forever" video is basically Rebecca Black's exact "Friday" video, with the heads of Travis Clark and his bandmates strategically superimposed onto the heads of Rebecca Black and her friends. Since there weren't enough heads to go around, look out for cameos from Ke$ha, Michelle Obama and Charlie Sheen. The video is kind of like one of those JibJab cartoons, but with more "fun, fun, fun."

We've seen a ton of "Friday" spoofs by now, but We The Kings got really creative with theirs. "Friday Is Forever" is equal parts creepy-weird (I have a thing about floating heads), and equal parts LOL-worthy.

+ Watch We The Kings' "Friday Is Forever" video.