Buzz Bites (4/20/11): Opens Up About Recording With Britney Spears

Credit: FilmMagic

+ "I [discovered] her love for music," said about recording Femme Fatale's "Big Fat Bass" with Britney Spears. "She was like a little kid when she was recording the song." (MTV News)

+ Nicole Scherzinger tweeted a photo of her hangout sesh with 50 Cent on the set of the video for "Right There," the first single off her upcoming album Killer Love. (Neon Limelight)

+ Lady Gaga is back with a new episode of "Gagavision." This time she discusses her love for her fans, her hectic promo schedule and writing Born This Way. (ONTD)

+ "Glee" cutie Darren Criss will answer your burning Twitter questions during a livestream today with Buzznet at 5 p.m. ET. Check out the link for further details. (Buzznet)

+ "Friday" singer Rebecca Black is getting death threats! Serious ones! "The threats were related to getting the music off the internet," Anaheim police confirmed. Here's a solution: Stop watching the video! (PopEater)