VIDEO: Nicki Minaj And Drake Interview Each Other

Credit: Filmmagic/WireImage

Rumored flames Nicki Minaj and Drake sat down with Sway of MTV News to talk about stuff, although the RapFix host could've easily just gone and grabbed a coffee while the pair stormed through a Q&A sesh with each other.

Things we learned from the chat:

  • Nicki loves performing "Roman's Revenge," the colossally powerful duet with Eminem in which she huffs and puffs "like a dungeon dragon."
  • Drake and Nicki used to play Spades, except Drake claims he doesn't know how to play the card game.
  • Nicki likes Drake with stubble, which he's [allegedly] sporting for a movie.

Whether or not Nicki and Drake were ever actually an item, it's obvious that the duo have great chemistry together. Does anyone else smell a hip-hop remake of The Odd Couple? Three words: NEEDS TO HAPPEN.