10 Things To Know Now: Weird Al On Lady Gaga, Matthew Morrison's Gross Problem + AMAZING GIFs!

Credit: Getty Images, Wireimage

Hey, kids! Welcome back to my weekly roundup of all the coolest things on the internet (well, except for the naughty stuff).

1.) Why you shouldn't believe everything you read: Lady Gaga didn't actually put the kibosh on a Weird Al Yankovic parody of "Born This Way." She just hadn't heard it yet. She's a "really big" fan, you see. And she approved it! Phew! So here's that parody, "Perform This Way." (Gawker)

2.) Not exactly sure why this video of a toddler sleep-dancing -- and eventually waking up -- to Waka Flocka Flame's "Grove St. Party" went viral: This is how I wake up EVERY MORNING. (Urlesque)

3.) Good news/bad news for "Glee" star Matthew Morrison. Good news: His "Rocket Man" duet with Elton John is amazing and we LOVE it and it's destined to be a classic and yay! for his solo album. Bad news: His house is full of RAT POOP. (People, Us magazine)

4.) Duran Duran covered Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" at Coachella (more on that in a bit). (Oh No They Didn't)

5.) Okay, promise me you won't click on this link unless you are ALL DONE with work/school/any other activity that is vital to your continued existence for the day, cool? Because once you've fallen into Cute Roulette, there's really no way to get out again... (cuteroulette.com)



Okay... whoa, WHOA... I'm back... and it's four hours later!!!!! Dude, I TOLD YOU!

6.) The Royal Wedding is next Friday, and many people are very excited about that. I am more excited about the amazing Tumblr Kate Middleton FTW, dedicated to exhaustively mining the depths of the Future Queen's inner thoughts. (Tumblr)

7.) Here at Buzzworthy, we ladies often find ourselves confused/guilty/conflicted over our feelings for Justin Bieber. Because, you know, the whole "being 17" thing. BRIGHT SIDE: Crushable has compiled a list of 25 guys under 25 (Biebs included), and 23 of them are LEGAL EAGLES! (Crushable)

8.) Oh, also at Buzzworthy, we love animated GIFs so much!!!! Maybe you'd noticed. That's why we have a whole category for Favorite Animated GIF in the O Music Awards. While those are mostly funny, these 20 super lifelike animated images really stepped up the GIF game. (DVICE)

9.) Coachella Music and Arts Festival was last weekend. Some people think the event is all about peeping the year's biggest bands, and that's true to an extent, but it's also about peeping super stylish concert-goers in their very best indie fashions. Nylon made a drool-inducing Best Dressed roundup for this express purpose. (Nylon)

10.) It takes a brave woman to let her boyfriend do her makeup. Because, ladies, let's be honest, straight guys, well, most of them just dun get it. Our fave ladies at MTV Style -- who, round these parts, we refer to as the Stylettes -- gathered up all the best "My Boyfriend Does My Makeup" vids in one tidy spot. Hilarity ensues. Enjoy! (MTV Style)