Star Spotting: Katy Perry Parties At Coachella

Credit: Splash News

This past weekend was the annual Coachella Festival in California, and California Girl herself, Katy Perry, was on hand to enjoy the festivities. Bringing both Sexy and The Roaring Twenties back, Katy looked like a hot flapper (look it up -- it's not dirty) in lace and pearls, giving your grandma a run for her money next time she thinks she's the hottest one in the room.

Not only does Coachella highlight lesser-known, more indie-friendly acts, but the fest also attracts a high pedigree of headliners -- like Wiz Khalifa, Mumford & Sons, and Cee Lo, who reportedly arrived late and left early to an angry crowd -- and attendants. (Our favorite celeb four-pack was Joshua Jackson, Diane Kruger, Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev.)

Although Katy wasn't spotted hanging with the The CW clan, she was seen getting rowdy during a Sleigh Bells show. Raise your hand if you're sure, girl!

Credit: Getty Images