Justin Bieber Look-Alike Fools An Entire Country

Credit: Splash News

While in Zurich last week, Justin Bieber allegedly stayed at the Holiday Inn, which is fine and all, but wouldn't you expect the world's biggest teen pop star to rest his well-coiffed head at a five-star boutique hotel with, like, walls made of diamonds or something?

Anyway, when news broke of his supposed stay, his loyal young lady fans waited patiently outside the hotel, hoping to catch a peek of their teenage dream -- and they did! At least they thought they did when a slender dude in a hat quickly gave his best Evita pose and threw up his hands, almost as if to say, "We did it! We made it! We're all going to be okay!"

The problem, however, was that this wasn't Justin Bieber. Instead, some prankster dressed up like The Biebs and -- even from the grainy footage on YouTube -- did a fine job imitating the guy, right down to the hat tip. Sorry, Zurich, but you got "Bieb'd," which is a verb we just made up and would prefer you didn't mess it up with any dirty connotation.

Now imagine if the doppelganger started singing "Baby," just like that time "U2 did."