Star Spotting: Mother Monster Meets The Queen

Credit: Getty Images

It's been a crazy few days for Lady Gaga. First, Gaga released "Judas" after it was leaked onto the internet by a radio station in the UK (and it's now number one on iTunes in 12 countries, including our very own). Then she showed up to perform the new song at a club in Tampa called the Kennedy Lounge, where the fans went berserk for Gagaloo. After all, what artist is cool enough to continually show up at gay clubs in the middle of the night after she's performed a concert? (Gaga is, that's who.) Finally, she tweeted the cover art of Born This Way. And, yet, somewhere in between all that madness, Gaga visited Disney World.

It was there that Mother Monster met the Evil Queen from Snow White. Amazingly, Lady Gaga looked relatively "low key" -- albeit with spikes protruding from her sunglasses -- next to the wicked witch. We're not sure who gave her that shiny red apple, but we're reeeeally hoping Gaga wasn't hungry at that very moment, because, well... you know.

Hopefully, Gaga knows her Disney movies as well as she does her own lyrics, and she left that apple to rot somewhere in the Magic Kingdom.

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