Video Premiere: The Ready Set, 'Young Forever'

You already know from our recently posted Setisode that The Ready Set, aka 21-year-old singer/songwriter Jordan Witzigreuter, wants to talk about you for a while. He's nice like that. But now he's doubling down on his awesomeness with the premiere of "Young Forever," the first single from his as-yet untitled second album.

In the video, Witzigreuter transforms into Zach Morris 2.0 by using a "Freeze Time" iPhone app to suspend the movements of a needling manager and everyone else in the hotel who's trying to keep him from hanging out with a gaggle of female admirers. We're not sure how the girls he wants to hang out with somehow remain mobile but, hey, it's his video. Just go with it.

The free-moving group run around the hotel, throwing streamers in the hallways, bombing unsuspecting people with silly string and generally raising the type of havoc that would get a 21-year-old... well, probably not thrown out or arrested, but certainly given a stern talking to by an angry dad.

The band also gets to rock out in the hotel lobby and showcase the new track, one of the group's most synth-heavy, dancey songs to date. Not to gripe, but we've shown Witzigreuter so much love in the past, the least he could've done was given us one of those apps as a thank-you gift. Always good to have when the boss walks by.

While The Ready Set continue to work on the follow-up to their 2010 debut album I'm Alive, I'm Dreaming, check out the video for "Young Forever" below.