New Video: Jessie J, "Nobody's Perfect"

Credit: Getty Images

When Jessie J's debut album, Who You Are, was released last week, it hit the iTunes Top Ten immediately, which was music to our Mickey Mouse ears. This beloved Brit's voice cannot be silenced -- and neither can her style. (See picture above.) We were just about to cut our own bangs to match when we saw the video for her song "Nobody's Perfect."

In it, Jessie still rocks her signature jet-black hair, but she's not opposed to trying out a couple different styles (i.e. blond tips, long extensions, leave-in mud conditioner). The uber-colorful clip is filled with explosions and fake snow, and has a whole Alice In Wonderland theme to it, from the long table full of delusional characters to Jessie's enviable gold-watch jacket.

We don't remember Alice wearing that kind of outerwear, but we'll take it. No, seriously, we will gladly take that jacket. Can we have it?

+ Watch Jessie J's video, "Nobody's Perfect"