Video: The Ready Set Wants To Talk About You For A While

We've haven't exactly been shy about our love for Jordan Witzigreuter, whom you probably know better as The Ready Set. That's why we're stoked the 21-year-old singer has blessed us with his latest Ready Set Setisode. Not only does the short clip teach fans about the band's ethos, but it also works nicely as a preview for TRS' new video "Young Forever," which we're premiering tomorrow right here at Buzzworthy and

As Witzigreuter explains in the video below, "The Ready Set is not just a clever tagline that makes you think, 'Go.' The Ready Set is a state of mind." And if that state of mind leads you to skip the "baller clubs" in lieu of "getting Venti soy iced-chai lattes" to "talk about you for while," so be it.

This Setisode is a tongue-in-cheek spoof that's kinda like those Nike-esque commercials colleges use to recruit new students and make their campuses seem really awesome. Our favorite part is Jordan's yes-no-maybe-OK smiley expressions at the end.

Watch the Setisode and come back tomorrow for the video premiere of The Ready Set's "Young Forever" video.