New Song: Lady Gaga, 'Judas'

Credit: Splash News

Ready for some afternoon betrayal? Lady Gaga's new song, "Judas," was scheduled for release April 19, but Gaga pulled the trigger early! So "Judas" is here!

"Judas" is just as good as we'd expected, if not more so. It may have taken us a little while to come around to "Born This Way" (after initially comparing it to "Express Yourself," we realized that's a good thing since Madonna obviously did something right the first time around), but "Judas" is a return to Gaga's roots in electro, Euro-inspired dance pop (that chorus is so Ace Of Base, in SUCH a good way). And don't think she's abandoned her patented staccato syllables, as in "Ju-dah, Ju-da-ah." And there's even a self-promotional shout thrown in for good measure, just like the good ol' days of "Just Dance," when Gaga reminded us of both her own name and her "cherry cherry boom boom" heyday. Makes sense since producer RedOne's all over this Gaga track too.

Surely you've heard "Judas" at this point. So... what do you think? Tell us in the comments!