Star Spotting: That's 'Officer' Joey McIntyre To You

You may be too old to remember when Joey McIntyre was the youngest New Kid On The Block, but now he's all grown up and part of the boy band supergroup NKOTSBSB, which is a combination of the New Kids and the Backstreet Boys (see: amazing). So, Joey's doing pretty well for himself, especially after NKOTSBSB's single, "Don't Turn Off The Lights Now," left us extra excited for the tour, on which all nine -- nine! -- members will be embarking this summer. Two generations of crazed fans -- luckily, we were old enough to live through fold-out posters of both Joey McIntyre and Nick Carter --unite!!

And "Joey Mac," as he was better known back in the day, doesn't just sing anymore, either. Dude can act, too. Recently, Joey tweeted some photos snapped of himself dressed up like a cop for a guest appearance on the show "Psych."

We have to say that while the guy still looks adorbz, we're on team Litrell fa lyf. It's just the rules of boy band jungle, y'all.

Credit: @JoeyMcIntyre