Video Premiere: Seether, 'Country Song'

The recent replacement of lead guitarist Troy McLawhorn with longtime member Shaun Morgan in South African post-grunge/alt-metal band Seether led to some serious band drama that's been anything but amicable -- or private. But if the band's "Country Song" video is any indication, the remaining members of Seether -- with the help of a young boy -- will destroy all that threaten them.

Looks like there's gonna be a showdown at the Toy Box Express, and we'll give credit to any hard-rock group ballsy enough to ride into town on hobby horses posing as our protagonist's favorite playthings.

The party moves to a saloon featuring army men, clowns, pirates and every other archetypal toy used by 10-year-old boys. (It's like Seether raided a costume warehouse and used EVERY themey outfit they could find.) After some intense card games involving astronauts and superheroes, Sheriff Bear is commenced to exact justice. But, eventually, an enemy worse than death appears to vanquish all: A girl. The result is a free-for-all Wild West battle that looks like Wrestlemania as directed by David Lynch. (Note: Roman White is the actual director!) Oh, and we haven't even mentioned the alien spaceship yet.

"Country Song" is the first single off Seether's long-awaited fifth album, Holding On To Strings Better Left To Fray. Watch now.