Ke$ha Loves Porn, Hates Animal Cruelty

Credit: PETA

Ke$ha loves porn. Are you surprised? Didn't think so. As one is wont to do when one brags about getting drunk and brushing her teeth with whiskey, Ke$ha isn't necessarily into the "finer" things in life, which is why, when MTV News asked her for her thoughts on being parodied in a new porn flick feature pop stars, Ke$ha said she was honored to be included. In the dirty movie, called "Katy Pervy" (which features XXX versions of Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Snoop Dogg) Ke$ha's character is called "Ka$$ha," so that's clever.

Meanwhile, she's lending her name (and glitter-smeared visage) to PETA to raise awareness about cruelty against baby seals. While the poster says the Canadian "club scene sucks," Ke$ha is actually referring to the fact that the Canadian government still allows sealers to "club, beat and skin" the adorable creatures, which is seriously disturbing. Granted, Ke$ha may wear just about anything she can find in a dumpster, but you won't likely see her wearing real fur any time soon. With the exception of roadkill.