POSTED: New Boyz Go Down Under

Credit: Phil Knotts

Two years ago, everybody and their moms were dancing to California hip-hop duo New Boyz' viral smash "You're A Jerk." Now, with the upcoming release of their second album, Too Cool To Care, the boyz are our MTV Posted artist, proving that they're far more than mere one-hit wonders.

The official video for "You're A Jerk" has nearly 50 million views on YouTube, but that's old news. Now, Ben J and Legacy have returned and, as you'll see in the below videos, they've lost approximately zero of their swagger.

In New Boyz's MTV Posted videos, Legacy and Ben J check in from their tour stop in Sydney, Australia -- spoiler: There's some barfing in a waste basket. Plus, watch their "Backseat" video, featuring Dev. And check up on New Boyz all this month at