Is This Beyonce's New Single?!

Credit: Splash News

Our friends over at Idolator just got their hands on a 15-second clip of what just might be Beyoncé's new single, currently dubbed, "Girls (Who Rule The World)." OMFG, excuse us for a second while we breathe slowly into a paper bag...

We've been hearing lots of rumblings from Beyoncé's camp as of late. First, there was that '70s-inspired photo shoot that had us all in a tizzy, and recently we saw Queen B on the set of what totally looked like a major music video. Now we have some mysterious audio and ahhh! We need more!

From what we can hear from the sound byte, Beyoncé is laying some major girl power lyrics over a busy reggae beat -- a sample of Major Lazer's "Pon De Floor." Beyoncé and Major Lazer together?! It's a match made in dance hall heaven.

+ Listen to what may or may not be Beyonce's new single, "Girls (Who Rule The World)."