Jennifer Lopez Is People Magazine's Most Beautiful Woman In The WORLD Because, Hello, Look At Her

So People magazine just revealed its annual list of Most Beautiful People, where [mostly] famous people are celebrated for being pretty on the outside (hey, at least they don't lie about it). "American Idol" judge and comeback kid Jennifer Lopez was given the title of Most Beautiful Woman In The World, which is appropriate, considering she's been known to leave lovestruck oglers legally blinded by her beauty.

Eleven years after she went almost "full boob" in that insane Versace green dress at the Grammys, Jennifer looks like she hasn't aged a day, which is the ultimate goal of every single woman in Hollywood. (If they could all get Benjamin Button disease and age backwards, they totally would.) Anyway, Jenny from the block is obviously doing something right, considering she just only seems to get more stunning with age (and, for the record, no one has ever looked better after birthing twins... and with that, good luck, Mariah!).

Sure, Zac Efron, Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Hudson all received accolades for their jaw-dropping good looks, but, naturally, some very worthy contenders were left off the list. If you ask us, we're pretty confident that Nicki Minaj, Darren Criss, Kelly Rowland, Nick Jonas and Rihanna should have been on that list, too. Where's Jared Leto? Hayley Williams? Katy Perry? Rain! And Betty White. Always include Betty White.

+ Who do you think should have made the list of People's Most Beautiful People? Let us know in the comments! And check out photos from Jennifer Lopez's video shoot for "I'm Into You." They're beautiful, naturally.

Credit: Getty Images