Star Spotting: Jessie J Gives Us The Old Jazz-Hands-OMG-Face Routine

Jessie J's album, Who You Are, dropped earlier this week and is already in the Top 10 on iTunes. We've been big fans of Jessie's for a minute now, and we're glad to see she's being received with open arms (as she gives us some pretty sweet jazz hands in New York today).

Jessie J's a huge star in her native England, and she's also an accomplished songwriter -- she's helped write hits for Miley Cyrus, Chris Brown and Alicia Keys -- and the buzz following her stateside has been inescapable for months. Even one of our own good ol' boys, Justin Timberlake (for whom she's also written songs), called Jessie J "the best singer in the world right now," in a piece in The Guaridian. No bigs!

Our reaction would also be an "OMG" face and jazz hands (why not?) if Justin Timberlake sung our praises like that.

Credit all photos: Splash