New Video: The Cool Kids, 'Bundle Up'

We've been hearing rumors about the release of When Fish Ride Bicycles, the new album from Midwest hip-hop duo The Cool Kids, for damn near three years now. And now -- hallelujah! -- it looks like the guys have thrown us a bone with the video for their first single, "Bundle Up."

More a mockumentary than traditional music video, "Bundle Up" starts off normally enough -- MCs Chuck Inglish and Mikey Rocks posing in a faux-snowy setting -- before hilariously going behind-the-scenes to see what really goes on... behind the scenes.

The video sends up self-righteous cinematographers and pretentious directors ("It's early Kurosawa meets Blue period Wim Wenders meets the first three seasons of 'ER'," says one director of the video) and shows you how a half-dressed mermaid is, in fact, a metaphor for our addiction to foreign oil. Who knew?

The video, with its pseudo-exposure of how videos are really made, reminds us of The Roots' "What They Do," except in "Bundle Up," you also get a confused punk band, a money-hungry producer and a ridiculous dancing polar bear.

"Bundle Up" was directed by BBGUN Films, the same group responsible for The Roots' "How I Got Over" and Mike Posner's "Please Don't Go." We're hoping it's the next official step before The Cool Kids' album finally comes out.

+ Watch The Cool Kids' "Bundle Up" video.