Video Premiere: Bruno Mars, 'The Lazy Song'

This must be Anthropomorphic Video Week here at Buzzworthy! Yesterday, we showed you a thieving fox-man in The Get Up Kids' "Shatter Your Lungs." And Shapers' new video, "Jar," is more than four minutes of animals and masks. And today, Bruno Mars, joined by five chimpanzee-masked friends, follows the animals-are-people-too trend in his new video for "The Lazy Song."

Yes, putting the word "lazy" in your song title may only give added ammo to your detractors, but as the ubiquitous songwriter bluntly states, "Today, I don't feel like doing anything." Have we not all been there? We have.

The one-take video sees Bruno Mars and his simian companions stripping down to their boxers and staging choreographed dance routines in what may be Bruno's bedroom. And, naturally, the chimps all wear sunglasses because otherwise, it would just be weird. Extra realism points go to the chimpanzees protecting the alpha male (Mars) by warding off intruders -- in this case, a fellow loafer in a robe, tank top and slippers -- before effortlessly returning to the routine.

Check out the musical-theater-meets-Dance-Crew moves ("America's Best Dance Crew" alum Poreotix are behind those chimp masks, by the way), which include some mildly disturbing shots of primates sticking their hands down their pants and less troubling, if equally entertaining, versions of The Robot.

"The Lazy Song," cowritten by K'Naan, is the third single off Mars' 2010 debut album Doo-Wops & Hooligans.

+ Watch the premiere of Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song," sponsored by Adidas: