Demi Lovato Discusses Her Eating Disorder In Her First Post-Treatment Interview

Credit: WireImage

Demi Lovato's first interview after spending three months in a treatment facility will air Friday, April 22, on "20/20" on ABC. And we have to commend the 18-year-old for being open and honest about her trials and tribulations with depression, cutting and food addictions.

Demi Lovato's been pretty private after leaving treatment earlier this year, and that fact alone is worthy of applause. And we also loved that heartfelt "thank you" video she made for her fans, graciously appreciating all of their love and support through her trying times. But we think the most admirable thing about Demi is the fact that she was willing to sit down and actually discuss the pervasive issue that many teenagers not only deal with daily but often hide. We truly respect Demi for being a role model and helping her fans who may be suffering from eating disorders by sharing her own struggles.

If there were a "Lemons To Lemonade" award or something, we'd nominate Demi Lovato in a heartbeat. Keep on smilin', girl!

Watch Demi Lovato's "20/20" interview Friday, April 22, at 10 p.m. ET on ABC, and for more information on eating disorder treatment, visit