We HAVE To Say Something About Mariah Carey And Nick Cannon Getting Naked (Again) In OK! Magazine

Credit: OK! Magazine

We felt a bit of déjà vu today when our wide eyes were greeted with the sight of another magazine spread featuring super-pregnant Mariah Carey (with hubby Nick Cannon) baring... everything, this time in the British version of OK! Magazine. Mariah's spent the latter half of her career proudly touting her curves, but ever since she became pregnant with twins, it feels like someone told her that the best way to show parental pride was to just stop wearing clothes.

Don't get us wrong: We're huge fans of Mariah, and we're also in agreement that the process of a woman carrying children is a beautiful thing. The fact that two people can create life, incubating inside a woman's stomach for nine months, remains a baffling feat of science that symbolizes the enormity of love. (And blah blah blah, science, nature, love, etc.) We couldn't be happier for Mariah and Nick as they enter a brand-new world where their lives focus entirely around two tiny bundles of joy.

But, honestly, what is happening here? Demi Moore may have spearheaded the idea of famous pregnant ladies getting naked for magazines with her Vanity Fair cover, but these pics are just... It's a lot. If anything, we'd have expected the Mariah we know to surround herself with bright, gauzy lighting and pink, girly ornaments. Instead, it feels a little like she and Nick stripped down inside a suburban Glamour Shots studio.

Look, we get that the happy is couple is excited about the pending parenthood, but do we need to see everything all the time? Nick is obviously one proud papa, but getting all up next to Mariah's no-no zone is a little photographic TMI. We wish the couple nothing but the best, but we've seen all we need to see. Cover up, kids!

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