PHOTOS: Lady Gaga Gets Almost Naked On A Magical Piano In Harper's Bazaar Magazine

One thing you can consistently say about Lady Gaga is that she pretty much ALWAYS boldly goes where no one has gone before.

This time, she's boldly going on the May 2011 cover of Harper's Bazaar (and in a fabulously sci-fi photo spread within the magazine, as well). And we love the Vulcan-chic sci-fi cheekbones and Queen Amidala mole she's rocking on the cover. Pink hair bleached-out eyebrows, sharp taupe nails complement a crazy-hot dress with cutaways that Star Trek: The Next Generation counselor Deanna Troi would definitely rock for a Starship Enterprise formal event.

Credit, all photos: Terry Richardson for Harper's Bazaar

In another photo within the Bazaar spread, shot by Terry Richardson, Gaga crawls catlike, nearly naked, on top of a magical-looking mirrored grand piano (parenthetically, we may not have dropped our piano lessons if you'd gotten us one like THAT to practice on, MOM) wearing some small lingerie, fishnets and what look like unbelievably sexy high-heeled nurse's shoes (how'd she make nurse shoes look hot??). There's also one of Gaga wearing what appears to be a ton of monarch butterflies as a dress and headdress, respectively. Last, there's a photo of Gaga in a goth, sheer black gown holding onto a chandelier. This outfit effectively answers the question we know you've long been asking -- "But what would Elvira or Morticia Addams wear to her wedding in Transylvania?"

Lest you think otherwise, this spread indicates that Lady Gaga is CERTAINLY no drag -- she's just a queen.

Live long and prosper, Gaga.

The May 2011 issue of Harper's Bazaar, featuring Lady Gaga hits newsstands April 26.