PHOTOS: Katy Perry Looks MIND-REELINGLY HOT In New Hair Product Ads

In a move that will shock exactly no one, Katy Perry looks STUNNING once again.

She's partnered with hair styling brand GHD on a multimedia global campaign. We'll tell YOU something. Having Katy Perry's raven hair as the image representing something we can go out and buy and attempt (yes, maybe in vain) to channel the epic nature of Katy's hair is a pretty genius marketing move.  The campaign was creatively conceived by GHD, Katy Perry's stylist Johnny Wujek and shot by famed photographer David LaChapelle.

Katy rocks three distinct looks in the new ads. In her "New Wave" photo, Katy looks very, well, Katy Perry in a form-fitting California Gurl ensemble in vibrant colors usually reserved for Bubbalicious gum. Her softly curled hair tumbles down over her shoulders, looking SO major as she lounges poolside.

The second look is more glamorous. Katy's lounging on a bed wearing a peach gossamer dress with a rhinestone-studded belt we'd like to borrow for our next special event, in a room decorated with flowers. She looks as if she LITERALLY stopped, collaborated and listened (to paraphrase the sage Vanilla Ice), as there's a dropped phone on the bed next to her.

There's a boho theme, which features Katy looking the very portrait of gorgeous, despite that she's splayed across a divan with the plastic over it the way my immigrant grandmother sits on hers. It's all very, "Oh, I'm just sitting around testing out Nicole Richie-style headbands waiting for the paint guy to get here. NO BIG!"

Oh, beautiful beautiful Katy Perry. You could sell us half-eaten apples, and we'd pay double for them.