Video Premiere: Atmosphere, 'She's Enough'

We still have distinct memories of being 6 years old and pulling the pigtails of the girl we liked in class -- that counterintuitive idea that if you constantly harass the object of your affection, she'll come running to you begging to share a nice lunch of dirt and Play-Doh. Today, we've got the video premiere of Atmosphere's "She's Enough" that kinda proves that theory.

In "Enough," our diminutive Don Juan says goodbye to his dad, Atmosphere frontman Slug, and quickly begins his courtship of a fellow classmate. Objects are inserted in her hair. ABC food is dispensed on her plate. Dodgeballs are hurled in her direction. This kid could write the book on how to snag a girl in the first grade.

Personally, the only tangible results we netted from acting like a miniature jerk were frequent time-outs in the corner and letters to our parents. Thankfully, this kid gets a much better result. Look for Rhymesayers label mate Brother Ali as the surly lunch chef doling out slop that many schools call "food."

"She's Enough" is the second video off the group's seventh album, The Family Sign, following the hilarious "Just For Show" video we premiered as part of Indie Music Month last month.