Star Spotting: When Hayley Williams Met Robyn

Credit: Getty Images

It's hard to miss Robyn. The diminutive Swede, tiny though she may be, usually rocks some pretty spacey outfits. Her hair is, like, the color of angel wings (we're guessing), and, unlike some girls, Robyn seems to take pleasure in wearing outfits that borrow from both the club kids of the '90s and a modern thrift shop sensibility.

Hayley Williams of Paramore is just as also hard to miss. The tiny singer from Paramore often shows up with hair so bright it'd make Rihanna jealous. She's gone fire-engine red, strawberry blonde and even shades of pink -- so, basically, she hasn't missed a shade of red.

We're not sure if it's the first time Robyn and Hayley Williams have met, but it's pretty awesome to see both performers posing at the second annual Women In Music concert for Elle magazine in Hollywood. Each singer is petite in person, but they both each manage to bring an undeniably electric performance to their live shows.

Moral of the story? Size doesn't matter after all. Especially not if you're Robyn or Hayley Williams.

(Credit: Getty)