PHOTO: The Girls Of 'Glee' Get Their Own Marie Claire Covers

If you watch "Glee," you know the cast rocks some pretty sweet outfits. (Lea Michele STAYS in Marc Jacobs!) Back when we were in high school in 1801 the late '90s, the closest anybody got to couture was platform flip-flops and belly button rings. If you saw a dude wearing a label that wasn't Aéropostale or Abercrombie & Fitch (nothing says "I nailed my SATs" quite like a baggy hoodie with one bland horizontal line across the chest), that was almost considered progressive.

Fast-forward about 10 years, and the kids at fictional McKinley High in Ohio are each a fashion plate in their own right. Chris Colfer may get the best duds as Kurt, but the ladies of "Glee" don't look so bad on a magazine cover, either. Lea Michele, Amber Riley and Dianna Agron are nothing less than teenage dreams (hey-o!) on the May 2011 cover of Marie Claire, each outfitted in shades of blue that leave their faces all glowing with youthful abandon and the ire of jealous girls everywhere.

Meanwhile, in going solo on her own cover, Lea Michele's fierce pose reminds us why we can't wait for the New Directions to return from repeats already! Only one issue with Marie Claire's "Glee" covers, though-- where the EFF are Naya Rivera and Heather Morris??