Star Spotting: Avril Matches Everything, In The Best Way Possible

Credit: Splash News

If you're going to dye part of your hair hot pink and lime green, it's probably best to find clothes to match, as Avril Lavigne did recently in Sydney, Australia. The punky pop rocker, who seems to be harboring a prescription for the fountain of youth (YOU GUYS, AVRIL DOES NOT AGE!) was on hand to perform at the 2Day FM Rooftop Party at World Square, where she gave 250 lucky fans the chance to see her rock out to songs both old and new, including "Sk8r Boi," "Smile" and the rollicking new track, "What The Hell," off her new album, Goodbye Lullaby.

Anything but shy, the "Complicated" singer (get it?) gave the Aussies quite a show both on stage and on the red carpet, where the rocker stayed true to her roots: No, she didn't belt out "O Canada" or anything, she just sported a neon pink, off-the-shoulder tee and aviator sunglasses that reminds us why we wouldn't ever mess with her. Avril just exudes an undeniable natural confidence, and it's only made more clear when one's hair matches their accessories.

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