O Music Awards: Adam Lambert, Trey Songz And Jay Park Fans Will NOT Be Silenced!

Last week the categories and nominees were announced for MTV's O Music Awards -- the first-ever online music award show. And much like the internet itself, the nominees were a spectacularly WTF-inducing grab bag of musical favorites and obsessions, including everyone from (duh) Lady Gaga (Innovative Artist, Fan Army, Must Follow Artist on Twitter, Favorite Animated GIF, Favorite F**k Yeah Tumblr) to Tyler The Creator (also nominated for Innovative Artist), and everything from The Dougie (Most Viral Dance) to singing parrots (Best Animal Performance).

When the O Music Award categories and nominees were announced, the voting was turned over to the fans and anyone with a functional keyboard, internet connection and an unknowable passion to write in their own nominees. And it seems there were a few artists whose fans would simply not be ignored.

Adam Lambert had already been nominated for Best Fan Army and Favorite F**k Yeah Tumblr. Not content with just two nominations, the Glamberts mobilized and voted him as Must Follow Artist on Twitter. Well done, Glamberts! Sex inventor Trey Songz, who previously hadn't made an appearance on the nominee list, earned a write-in for both Favorite F**k Yeah Tumblr and Fan Army. One look at his abs and you'll see why. And Korean-American rapper and former 2PM-er Jay Park's very vocal fans got him a Must-Follow Artist on Twitter nominee. (See also: abs, dance skills, cover of "Nothin' On You"). Not to reduce these three men to mere sex symbol status, though their physical attributes are certainly worth at least a casual mention. By allowing write-in nominees, the O Music Awards have given some of the most die-hard music fans on the internet -- in this case, Trey Songz, Adam Lambert and Jay Park fans -- a powerful tool to get their all-time favorite artists and idols up on the board.

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