We Have To Say Something About Joe Jonas And Chris Brown's Collaboration

Credit: @HitBoy_SC

In duets news, we were pleasantly surprised to hear Britney Spears lend her voice to a remix of Rihanna's of "S&M." But our day got a lot weirder when we heard about the collaboration between Chris Brown and Joe Jonas.

Chris Brown and Joe Jonas' in-studio bro hang was brought to light by a photo tweeted by Hit-Boy, one half of the production duo Surf Club, a production outfit signed by Polow Da Don to produce songs for a host of A-listers like Lil Wayne, Eminem and Mary J. Blige. Hit-Boy produced Joe and Chris' collabo, which may appear on Joe's upcoming album, described by the middle Jonas Brother as "electro indie pop rock" (watch your back, Owl City).

Granted, Chris Brown has worked with everyone from Timbaland to Justin Bieber, so it's probably no surprise that he's collaborating with another artist. Of course, some Jonas Brothers fans might be thrown off by Joe Jonas' move to work with someone who's been the subject of controversy recently. We'll be honest -- that was our reaction, especially considering the biggest controversy any Jonas Brother's ever caused was... well... actually the Jonas Brothers never cause or court any controversy. And that's kind of our point. Joe Jonas = squeaky clean, no police record. Chris Brown? Not so much. (The irony of the name "hit boy" is also not lost on us.)

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